theOS FAQs

The Office Software: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Monitoring my Employees Legal?

Yes, with certain restrictions. California corporations are advised to use our suggested best practices (link to best practices doc). Laws vary by state, and we encourage you to consult a local attorney that has experience in workplace privacy for details on the best way to implement theOS in your office.

Q: How many employees can theOS monitor at once?

Theoretically this number is unlimited. However, available system resources, report detail and simple man-hours available to supervisors limit the number of employees one person can reasonably monitor. We suggest one license per department/supervisor and have found that one supervisor can effectively monitor 8-10 people efficiently.

Q: What can I monitor with theOS?

The Office Software has all the features of standard monitoring software, including sequential screenshots, keystroke logger, Instant Messaging monitoring and recording, Internet filtering and more. Additionally, theOS's powerful reporting system allows managers to create reports that aggregate important monitoring information like websites visited and total time spent on "personal" matters. It even allows managers to "spot check" employees by seeing what they are doing in real-time at any given instant.

Q: Is The Office Software easy to install?

A: If you set up your office PC, you can install the theOS Dashboard and Agent software. However, if you are not comfortable doing this, any local computer services company can assist you. We are in the process of developing a list of authorized installers and will be able to recommend installation help to you in the near future.