Business Solutions

For small and mid-sized businesses, The Office Software provides a solution for every problem that managers and owners face. The comprehensive features and in-depth monitoring of theOS make it possible for managers and owners of business to:

End Cyberslacking!


Did you know: 30-40% of lost productivity is accounted for by cyberslacking.

Cyberslacking is an epidemic. Recent surveys find that employees are wasting about an hour per day on the internet. That means for every 8 employees you have, you are paying the equivalent of a full time salary for the time spent cyberslacking. A company with 1,000 Internet users could lose upwards of $35 million in productivity annually from just an hour of daily Web surfing by employees.

Solution: With The Office Software’s ability to record all Internet activity, you can hold employees accountable for the work they are doing - or not doing – and put an end to Internet abuse!

Stop Sexual Harassment!

Did you know: 27% of Fortune 500 organizations have defended themselves against claims of sexual harassment stemming from inappropriate email.

Traditionally, employers have been responsible and liable for the actions of their employees in the workplace. However, if an organization can demonstrate a "duty of care" to reduce unacceptable employee activity, then it could minimize its potential for liability.

Solution: By monitoring all employee communication, The Office Software will allow you to stop sexual harassment in the workplace before it gets serious.

Protect Your Assets!

Did you know: 58% of industrial espionage is perpetrated by current or former employees.

Security breaches, employees sharing sensitive data with competitors, and employees using sensitive data to become a competitor are all real scenarios that can affect your business. Your company’s intellectual property is its lifeblood – it needs to be protected!

Solution: With features like Real-Time Access and the ability to take snapshots of employee activity, The Office Software lets you know if someone is trading or selling your company’s secrets or just plain old stealing from the company wallet!

Track & Monitor Work Progress!

Did you know: In a multi-tasking environment, having employees mark and track their own progress on various projects for different clients is essential.

Timecards and timesheets are the traditional way to keep track of employee progress on multiple projects. But how accurate are they?

Solution: Employees can record their own daily progress in the 'Activity Vault.' Because The Office Software also then independently tracks program use and system interaction on its own, employers have the ability to cross-check employee reported data against 'true' recorded data.

Educational Solutions

Did you know: Almost 100% of schools in the US are connected to the internet and encourage student use of online resource materials.

The Office Software can also work in our children's 'offices' – their schools! As technology advances and kids become more cyber savvy at a younger age, more schools are encouraging – and in some cases requiring – students to access the internet for daily class work and research. Kids connect to the Internet in classrooms, libraries, computer labs and media centers. For educators and administrators, keeping track of everything that is done on the school computers is essential, and seems near impossible…

Solution: The Office Software record of everything students do on school computers, giving you the ability to limit wasteful surfing and stop cyberbullying!